The Bellicose Conspiracy

Brigands on the Eastern Road

"But I want to kill him!"

After three weeks of preparation, the party returned to the castle to receive their first order from Heindall. The mission wasn’t complicated: travel the eastern road and root out brigands that have taken up raiding since the jarl’s death. The group left Kressius and Bobby behind to watch the triplets and the house, and ventured on to Miner’s Pass, a small village in the hills. The mayor of Miner’s Pass gave them a cart and an idea to pose as a group of peasants delivering ore to a nearby town. The bait worked by the second day, and they were beset by the highwaymen. The fight was initiated by a surprise attack from the half-orc leader of the group who lopped off Keya’s bow arm in a single swing. While the rest of the party made quick work of the bandits, the leader wasn’t going down easy. Before he fell, he cut Audrey’s ear clean and fell to the ground laughing.

A fter a little interrogation of the leader (and Kressius’ unexpected arrival) the party followed the leader, now in bondage, to his hideout, where he claimed a genie was also residing. The genie had agreed to grant a wish to the half-orc after he brought him enough gold. Arriving in the cavern on the mountainside, the half orc attempted to turn the party over to the genie for his wish, but the genie revealed he was merely a jann, and had no wishes to grant. The party chased the genie into the cave and beat him down, forcing him to kneel and beg for his life. In exchange, the jann would bring them to a genie that could grant a wish.

Joining hands, the jann plunged the heroes into the Plane of Water, and promptly swam away. The heroes held their breath as long as they could, before falling unconscious



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