The Bellicose Conspiracy

As Kressius watched over the triplets in the Darkpine Druid Grove, the rest of the party was looking for them. Heading west from the Wild Elf village, the group encountered a set of tracks. Following this set of tracks onto a well worn path, the group found a trail used by a treant. Knowing they were headed in the right direction, they ventured into the woods, eager to finally reunite with Kressius and the children. Unbeknownst to them, these tracks were not of a treant, but of an animated tree Hardroot commanded to remove the leprechaun that attacked Kressius. The party was jumped by the one-handed fey, along with an eerie Quickling he had befriended. Before Kressius and Nightflower arrived to aid the group, the foul leprechaun had already stunned and murdered Sweely. Striking him down, the party resolved to carry their companion’s body to the druid grove to seek aid. To their delight, the old elf elder of the grove agreed to reincarnate Sweely, and he was reborn a Halfling. No sooner had they revived the monk-rogue the triplets began to ask of their father. Nishtara told them the truth, knowing it was the right thing to do, but the girls were overcome with grief. Serra ran into the woods, with Jhin, Happy, and Keya not far behind. The trio encountered a darkly dressed man who had Serra by the hair with a sword to her throat. With quick thinking and quicker shooting, the sharpshooters and canine companion brought him down with the girl unharmed. After a brief interrogation and a note in his belongings, the party discovered he was hired by Jakar, who is Jarl Egil’s court chaplain. Not wanting to waste any more time in the woods, the party bid the grove goodbye and rode south for the castle, but not before stopping to see Elder Hardroot and the other treants. As they left the forest they came upon a griffon rider and a white dragon locked in fierce battle. An uncanny arrow to the dragon’s throat, fired by Krassisu, brought it down to them, and a combination of arrows and alchemist’s took the scaly beast to the ground. The griffon rider thanked them, and after a short discussion and the summoning of the knights searching for the girls, the party returned to the castle. Though they were exhausted, they knew they had accomplished a task of great importance, and received not only compensation in loot, but in an invitation to the newly crowned Serra’s court. The heroes accepted, and returned home to Rocksfall for three weeks of relaxation before their first assignment.



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