Sweely Pendragon

Halfling Rogue-monk


Str: Dex: Con: Int: Wis: Cha:
Class: Monk 2, Rogue 2
Race: Halfling (born Half-elf)
Alignment: CN
Deity: Pharasma
Homeland: Taiyotani Village, Sanshi Prefecture, Habon
Height: 3’ 0"
Weight: 38 lbs.
Features: Red Hair, onix eyes, (had scar crossing his left eye), (had scar under the lower portion of his neck),(RIP his afro)

Early on in his life, Sweely learned that he had a half-brother due to his father. Sweely only knew his mother Rikasa Manazami. His mother was a dancer that worked in the local shops and sometimes traveled. Sweely also learned how to dance from her and how to sculpt. She became ill when he was eight years old. She died of an illness that they could not afford to cure. Due to him not knowing his father, who he only knew was a Pendragon. Sweely was sent off to a monastery at a young age to become a monk. Through his studies, he learned that the monastery was a secret. He made a friend in the monastery that was foolish, but convinced Sweely that Afro’s were the best hair style out there. Early on in his life, the monastery was attacked by the government army in Sanshi. This attack killed everyone but one. The fool Hedigai Monotoshi. escaped with Sweely and made it to a temple of Pharasma. Although Sweely was not an active worshiper of any god or goddess, he respected most of them. Hedigai ran around the country collecting what he needed to raise sweely, by making deals with all kinds of people and creatures alike. He finished his task within 6 months. Sweely was revived. The total cost that Hedigai paid was a curse that aged him beyond his years and the inability to see anymore. When Sweely returned to the mortal world, he did not recognise his friend and believed that Hedigai died with the others at the monestary. Hedogai never told Sweely who he was, but instead passed himself off as an oracle that saw the attack comming and made himself there to recover the one survivor, Sweely. When sweely finaly left the Country, he knew that he would not be able to return any time soon. Sweely was 26 and it was his birthday,Calstril 29, when he ran into a Paladin, named Clitis, who he decided to journey with. He journied with him until he made it to Rocksfall where a group got together to go slay a dragon. This quest started his new life and was another friend lost because Sweely was not strong enough to save him.

Sweely Pendragon

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